Each of our homes undergo an extensive inspection
process to ensure quality all the way from the
foundation to the final finishing touches.
  • Pre-pour: The design engineer inspects the foundation prior to each slab being poured.
  • The standard process for most builders is to rely on city code officials to ensure the accuracy of the construction relative to the design and code.
  • In addition to the code official review, InTown Homes requires each frame to undergo a comprehensive inspection by the design engineer or our in-house specialized frame inspector.
Exterior Inspections
Lathe Inspection
  • This inspection checks for the proper installation of the flashings as well as the metal lathe for homes with stucco.
  • Out of our comprehensive list of exterior inspections, this is the only inspection the city of Houston performs as a part of their exterior inspections.
Roof Inspection
  • A dedicated roof inspector inspects each composition shingle roof for the adequacy of the roof installation.
Final Inspection
  • The final inspection is performed near the completion of the homes. This visual inspection checks for the overall quality of the cladding installations.
  • Most importantly, this inspection also checks the application of the sealants.
Air Infiltration Inspections
  • Pre-Drywall Inspection – One of the largest factors negatively impacting energy efficiency is having a leaky home. Each home is 3rd party inspected and verified for tightness of the insulation and air sealing application.
  • Final Inspection – During the Final Inspection, the 3rd party energy rater performs a Blower Door and Duct Blaster test to verify that the home meets and exceeds home and duct air leakage standards.
Quality Assurance Inspections
  • Final QA – Upon completion, each home passes a complete cosmetic and workmanship inspection by our dedicated in-house quality assurance personnel.
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